Management team

Bengt Olof Hansson

B.O.Hansson_Dec20111Executive Chairman For several years Bengt Olof served as Director of the Personnel, Quality and Environment division within SKF. Until 2010 he was responsible for SKF’s sustainability programme SKF Care. SKF Care is amongst the top-ranked companies on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and is widely recognised for its pragmatism and commercial acumen.

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Gunilla Hadders

nyGunillaCEO and Senior Consultant Gunilla has held positions, including as CEO, within the sustainability sector since 2003. She has experience in working strategically with pioneers in the sustainability field. Has previously held senior positions within marketing and business development at Ericsson and Scania. BA (Economics), MBA.

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Karin Henriksson

karin3Senior Consultant and Communications Adviser Karin has held senior positions within sustainability communication since 2006. She has experience in advising companies on how to strenghten their position in the marketplace through sustainability. Has previously held senior positions within the European Union and as a communications consultant. BA (Economics).

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