André Schembri

IMG_3615Lawyer and expert on whistleblowing

Sharmin Lubonski

sharmin-lubonski2Senior Advisor, Doctor in Sustainability Sharmin has 11 years of experience in risk management and strategic development within international corporate sustainability, in countries including Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Sharmin has a PhD in producer responsibility affairs.

Irina Sandering

irina-sanderingAnalyst Irina works with climate calculations and sustainability screening. She has a degree in engineering from the Technical University of St Petersburg.

Maria Dalby

maria-dalbyCommunications expert Maria has more than 10 years of experience in translating between Swedish and English. Her translation work includes sustainability reports and she has a professional background in medical information at AstraZeneca in Sweden and the UK. MSc. Partner.

Malin Liljeblad

malin-liljebladArt Director Malin works with tailored design solutions for client publications and web media. Her background is a successful career working for companies in Sweden, the UK and New Zeeland, where she worked for an award-winning advertising and web design agency.