November, 2013

Microsoft publishes a press release about Whistleblowing Centre

– With Windows Azure the service is run with very high security requirements, both in terms of availability and protection of data. Microsoft´s platform provides a flexible and cost effective solution for both smaller companies and international corporations, says Daniel Akenine, National Technical Manager at Microsoft Sweden Click here to read the full article Microsoft

September, 2013

Debate Article in Dagens Juridik by Whistleblowing Centre

There is a growing public demand on the management and the board to follow up the company´s ethical guidelines. An impartial whistleblowing service is an efficient, preventive tool, in line with stronger legislation on anti-corruption – but many Swedish companies are lacking secure systems for whistleblowing. Debate article by Gunilla Hadders and Karin Henriksson, Founders… Read more »

September, 2013

Debate Article in Miljö&Utveckling by Whistleblowing Centre

In the United States all listed companies have to provide a secure channel for the members of staff to report misconduct. EU guidelines on whistleblowing clearly demonstrates the need for companies to take business ethics and sustainability risks seriously. With a sustainability strategy, business code of conduct and efficient monitoring systems, the board and management… Read more »

August, 2013

Interview with Mr Sören Öman, Expert in personal data legislation, about the new EU regulation on data protection

At the beginning of 2012, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new data protection regulation that, if it will be adopted, will replace the current Data Protection Act. Sören Öman is the director for Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law at the University of Stockholm and vice-chairman of the Swedish National Labour Court. He… Read more »

July, 2013

Dagens Industri about Whistleblowing Centre

The main Swedish Business Newspaper, Dagens Industri, reports about the importance of adequate Whistleblowing systems and Whistleblowing Centre’s offerings, July 10 2013.