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September, 2013

Debate Article in Dagens Juridik by Whistleblowing Centre

There is a growing public demand on the management and the board to follow up the company´s ethical guidelines. An impartial whistleblowing service is an efficient, preventive tool, in line with stronger legislation on anti-corruption – but many Swedish companies are lacking secure systems for whistleblowing. Debate article by Gunilla Hadders and Karin Henriksson, Founders… Read more »

September, 2013

Debate Article in Miljö&Utveckling by Whistleblowing Centre

In the United States all listed companies have to provide a secure channel for the members of staff to report misconduct. EU guidelines on whistleblowing clearly demonstrates the need for companies to take business ethics and sustainability risks seriously. With a sustainability strategy, business code of conduct and efficient monitoring systems, the board and management… Read more »